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Meraki 2022 – Third Edition
December 2, 2022
Bhavani Bharati & TechVista
December 3, 2022

Yogoutsav & Sciencia

2nd December, Day 2 of the Inter School Jaipuria Fest was a combination of two events – Yogoutsav and Sciencia. The Principal, Mrs. Promini Chopra, pointed out how these are events that hope to spread the culture of raising universal consciousness in the schools of the city. Learning ultimately lies in appreciating each other.

The fourth edition of Yogoutsav sought to celebrate all forms of yoga, demonstrating the beauty of the mind, body and soul. With a panel of highly reputed judges, the 6 participating teams engaged in events involving Om chanting with rhythmic and artistic yoga. The quiz rounds and group presentations focused primarily on the role of yoga and the effect of food on the physical and mental health of adolescents.

Yogoutsav 2022 aimed towards overall development with spiritual connectivity, and was a step closer towards ultimate perfection in what one does.

Jaipuria’s first edition of Sciencia, a Science Fest emerged out of a need for a platform where inquiring minds could find expression. Developing scientific thinking and inculcating critical analysis through various competitions, 7 teams from different schools undertook this journey with earnest preparation.

Participants took to the stage to answer some of the most bizarre but fascinating hypothetical questions along with scientific evidence. A role play on famous scientists, a quiz highlighting the role of Science in colours, debating, thesis writing, poster designing and model making provided ground to test theoretical and practical knowledge.

Awakening the engineer within by constructing dynamic working models and introducing their utopias to the world through comic strips, students brought to light novel and innovative ideas. After capturing the highlights of the event, they also created documentaries to showcase their technical prowess.

An initiative of the Science Club members under the guidance of the department teachers, Sciencia 2022 with its challenging and fun activities was quite enriching and rewarding for everyone involved. At the closing ceremony, the participating teams were applauded and felicitated for their brilliant efforts in both Yogoutsav and Sciencia.


Yogoutsav Achievements


Rudra Pratap Singh, Saarika Tripathi, Ramayra Sahu, Akshita Singh, Janhavi Singh


Yogasana with Om Chanting

Devyani Maheshwari, Rishita Srivastava, Swastic, Swastik Maurya, Taarini Tondon


Om Chanting




Amulya Prasad, Vageesha Negi


Group Conversation

Shriya Dwivedi, Kavya, Vidhita Hans


Artistic Yoga

Muskan Yadav, Kavya Jaiswal


Rhythmic Yoga

Kashvi Chandra, Rudransh Chaurvedi, Ipshita Tripathi, Renu Dubey, Raghav Singh, Anwita Varshney


Sciencia Achievements

Encenacao (Role Play)

Sukriti Misra


Debata Sessao (Debate)

Vishwesh Tiwari


Tirinha Escrita (Comic Strip Writing)

Gaurang Agarwal, Riddhi Kalra


Explicacao Possivel (What If…?)

Kartikey Pandey


Design de Posteres (Poster Designing)

Addhyan Garg


Modelo Fazer (Model Making)

Mitansh Rai, Prakhar Pandey, Tanay Tripathi, Prakhar Singh, Om Tandon


Capturur o Momento (Capture the Moment)

Shaurya Agarwal, Rajveer Singh Sidhu


Questionario (Senior Quiz)

Jayesh Khare


Anweshika (Junior Quiz)

Anjika, Aradhya Jain