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Integral Education

At Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, Gomti Nagar, we believe in the development of a child's being, bringing to the forefront the underlying essence of who they truly are.

We strongly believe that'Man is a transitional being'and by providing an environment that caters to consciously buildingthe Physical being, the Mental being, the Emotional beingandthe Spiritual being, one can progress towards Evolution.

The school's philosophy emphasises on welcoming the four attributes of the Divine Personality within ourselves -Wisdomin our thinking,Strengthin our acts,Harmonyin our own being in our relationships, andPerfectionin all that we do.

Wisdomrefers to widening our knowledge acquiring the truth, whilst showcasing patience equanimity. Opening up to the cosmic vastness will lead students to a treasure house of miraculous knowledge.

Strengthinvolves having courage, passion an intensity which can shatter every obstacle, having a tameless spirit with a vision that one seeks to achieve, through swiftness, nobility straightforwardness.

Harmonyincludes compassion unity with the animate the inanimate world, beauty of the mind soul, of thoughts feelings, of all actions, life surroundings. This sense of concord combined with grace charm, refines the mind, body life.

Finally,Perfectionfocuses on precision, persistence, perseverance in everything. Attention accuracy to attain one's goal, no matter how small, with sincerity, diligence, orderliness skill, is integral.

As aSchool of Conscious Transformation, these four aspects have been incorporated in the school's curriculum and infrastructure which acts as a canvas to expose students to the concept of Evolution and widen their being.