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From the Principal’s Desk

Letter to Parents on receiving Report Cards for March - July 2020

Dear Parents

We are sharing with you the first report of learning outcomes achieved by children from 23rd March to 31st July.

Since some students took the time to adapt to the transition, working days from 23rd March to 27th March have not been added in the total number of working days. Attendance has been marked on the basis of work submission within the stipulated time from 28th March to 31st July.

We wish to applaud all children who braved the unprecedented learning scenario and optimized virtual classroom learning by following rules established by parents at home.

The school also acknowledges the influence of parents, who through their patience and endurance took the shift from Whats App to Zoom meet and Google classroom in their stride and moved on.

To optimize learning in virtual classes it is essential for children to -

  1. Wake up at least an hour before the class
  2. Practice Yogasanas before the first class and stretching exercises in the break between two classes
  3. Keep away from the cell phone or computer between two classes
  4. Not indulge in gaming between or during classes but allocate a specific time to play the games which are safe
  5. Recapitulate the lesson in progress and submit the Google form within the stipulated time instead of attributing delayed submission to lack of connectivity
  6. Understand that Laptop, computer and tablet are better options for attending classes
  7. Resolve Internet connectivity issues
  8. Clarify the concepts by repeatedly listening to the recordings of Zoom or Google meet classes and videos or audios on GCR and contact the teachers between 6pm to 8 pm to clarify their doubts
  9. Understand the difference between good screen time and futile screen time and increase the former
  10. Respect parents if they are vigilant. Arguments with parents can be avoided by practicing silence

I am elated to share that the average attendance of our school is 90% because Jaipurians have accepted the reality of online teaching in virtual class rooms. To experience the joy that accompanies effort and achievement, it is essential for the remaining 10% to accept the reality which is beyond our control. An immersion in school classes is essential to grow mentally and emotionally.

Parents, children of this class are facing a harsh reality that is keeping them away from friends who are an essential part of school life. Children share secrets with friends; they discuss their teachers, parents, expectations from adults and themselves with their peers to pull themselves up. They are missing these associations of utmost importance to their well-being.

While facing our personal challenges, let us understand their battles and this aspect of their life to fill the vacuum created due to the absence of their friends. Your partnership with them will raise a generation that is more disciplined and has a greater appreciation for the adults in their lives.

Good wishes and gratitude

Letter to class 11 & class 12 students

Dear Students

These last months have been a period of indecision and emotional turmoil for you and your parents. You deliberated on whether to write the exam or give priority to your health along with the heath of your family and forego the exams, irrespective of the marks you had in the pre boards.

I respect the choice each one of you had made and I reassure you that it was the right choice.

Perhaps, those who chose to write, were the ones who despite doing well in the pre boards did not wish to lose, the chance of getting even that one extra mark above the pre board exam marks.

At the same time, some of you might have felt, you were much better prepared now, than you were when you wrote the pre boards so you wanted board exam marks to validate your preparation.

Nothing wrong here! We adults have always told you to aspire and strive for the best in you irrespective of the circumstances. This is exactly what you did when you chose to write the exam.

Now the ones who chose not to write are also worthy of appreciation. Probably they calculated that they had enough marks to get the subjects of their choice in class 11. Their competition was only with themselves. They had the strength to let go the rest and think that nothing is more worthwhile than health.

Children, Marks and Exams are of immense significance but this year you have to let them go. Please shift your focus to what lies ahead and is in your control and think of all that you need to do till 2022 to achieve your goal.

I am enumerating the plan that the school has envisaged for you. The school wishes to pull you out of the unidirectional mark based learning. Think of strategies to develop your skills in writing, thinking, analysis, decision-making, and problem solving. The world is changing at a rapid pace, so we wish to support you in picking up multiple skills to deepen and widen the scope of your aspirations.

People with a higher emotional quotient are better equipped to face any situation and find a solution. We want you to keep your spirits high by not brooding over the marks you could have got and the prominence you would have got. This thought will pull you down. Be realistic and move on.

Choose subjects judiciously after analyzing your attitude and aptitude. You are big enough to explore the multiple options that will open up when you study the subjects chosen. We do not want you to impede your growth by keeping only one option for yourself. It is indeed satisfying if the single choice that you make is fructified but Covid 19 has taught you that overwhelming situations are a reality so plans alternative to the main plan are essential to live life to the fullest.

Trust me, Life will throw challenges at you but it will also give you enough opportunities to execute a plan for yourself. Just equip yourself to be adaptable to change.

Prepare yourself for the new reality, which is sure to bring about a change in the way you have learnt lessons so far. With a clear vision and a strong will get going!

Best wishes for your well-being and a period of joyful learning.

Promini Chopra