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School Activities


Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Kamalini Malviya

Art is a creative activity that expresses imaginative or technical skill. To discover the undiscovered talents and creativity among the students, the Art activity provides them space and opportunity. It is about encouraging, nurturing and showcasing every child’s natural artistic flair. Students learn to explore the extent of their imagination and express themselves without any fear. Some of the young artists of Junior school achieve high levels of refinement in their innovative pursuits. This activity offers the perfect opportunity for children to learn the concepts of distance analysis, size, colour or textural differences. Children make drawings on current situations and social causes.


Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Jaspreet Kaur

Athletics is a field where students must master every move, every trick to go through almost all events and competitions. The most common of these are races of varying distances, hurdles, shot put, jumps, etc. The budding athletes undergo rigorous training and strict practice. In this activity, students start with warm up exercises, like slow walking and light jogging. After

warm up exercises, they have races, long jumps and stretching exercises. Students who excel in racing and long jumps are trained especially for competitions. Besides the Intra-School events, students of this activity participate in athletic events at the zonal, regional and national level and come out with flying colours. The students have great enthusiasm and they acknowledge the importance of athletics as it empowers both mind and body.


Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Yusra Jabeen

Basketball is a very popular sport amongst the students. Students start from learning the basic fundamentals of the game and gradually play in teams. Tossing the ball through the elevated basket is practised along with on-court training. Children learn collaborative teamwork and crucial life-skills as part of the activity.


Teacher Coordinator(s): Mr. Anil Devan

Bharatnatyam is a classical dance that originated in the Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu and neighbouring states.

The dance form demands precision, strong footwork, knowledge of rhythm patterns, music and vocabulary. It is a form of physical activity and the mode of exercise, performed by small

groups of all ages, is a sequence of non-verbal rhythmic body movements of

creative nature and scope for expression.

In this activity, children learn various steps and mudras. It makes for a rigorous workout of the mind, body and soul. The dance helps to tone arms, legs and core muscles, as well as to strengthen the facial muscles. The steps and eye movements improve concentration and coordination skills. It is a much sought-after activity by the students.


Teacher Coordinator(s): Mr. Manoj Kumar Mehta

Bongos are an Afro-Cuban percussion instrument consisting of a pair of small open bottomed hand drums of different sizes. They are struck with both hands, and are mainly employed in the rhythm section of the orchestra. Students start with the basic concepts and then gradually move on to complex, sophisticated rhythms. Increasing focus and the ability to concentrate, this activity proves beneficial to the students who partake in it.

Calligraphy/Poster Making

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Nahid Saman

Calligraphy is the art of forming beautiful symbols by hand and arranging them well. It’s a set of skills and techniques for positioning and inscribing words so they show integrity, harmony, some sort of ancestry, rhythm and creative fire. Students use broad tip calligraphy pens to give their writing an artistic look. Different calligraphy patterns made by students are put up for display at the Annual Exhibition. The enthusiasm of the children is clearly visible in their work. Their excellence in the activity is always commendable.


Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Sonia Goel

Playing Chess improves our concentration, creativity, our mental agility and alertness. The game of chess holds a unique fascination for the students. The strategic complexities offer their lively minds an immediate challenge and stimulating exercise. We encourage children to learn and play the game. It has many educational benefits, giving children intellectual capital and transferable skills such as focus, discipline, concentration, spatial awareness and strategic thinking. Students from our school participate in many chess competitions from inter house to international levels and break down barriers, whilst at the same time encouraging a healthy sense of competitiveness.

Clay Modelling

Teacher Coordinator(s): Mr. Nikhil Srivastava, Mr. Heera, Ms. Jyoti Mishra

Clay modelling is an activity that is therapeutically beneficial to kids in many ways. Children enjoy learning about the technicalities of making clay models and experience the joy of sculpting their favourite figures. They learn to make objects out of clay - pots, plates, bowls, sculptures and so on. Clay modelling is one medium that promotes creativity. It is especially beneficial to students as it helps promote self-confidence, encourages self-expression and develops

problem solving skills. The Annual Exhibition showcases various forms of pottery and clay modelling. Clay jewellery, different animals, vases and human figures made by the students impress the visitors. All the students do a praiseworthy job and are appreciated for their hard work and efforts.

Computer Science

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Vijaita Singh, Ms. Preeti Kumar

Computer Science activity is a great way for students to develop their analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. This skill set will come in handy not only in the tech industry, but in other fields as well. Doing intensive brain work throughout the session under the guidance of their teachers results in amazing displays of innovation in the form of presentations and other real-world implementations.


Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Nitisha Singh

Craft refers to the skill of making things by hand. The accomplishment of this skill includes different activities. It is very important for all the students as it induces the power of creativity in them. Craft encourages children to enhance their hand eye coordination and build levels of manual dexterity. In craft activity, children do collage making, pencil shaving, ear bud printing, origami, tearing and pasting, cotton dabbing, blow painting and many more activities in a fun and relaxed environment.

Creative Writing (English)

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Kratika Agarwal, Ms. Garima Sondhi

The English Creative Writing activity provides space for free-thinking and expression. It is in this space that students evolve as thinkers, writers, poets and even philosophers. One is amazed at how quickly creative writing allows students to learn and grow into better versions of themselves. In this creative space, teachers try to aid students in writing, guiding them whenever required and acting as facilitators for their overall development. Our writers develop their critical thinking abilities as they progress through a range of topics. With a plethora of topics at hand, they have the ability and opportunity to display their story-telling faculties using their imaginative and creative skill sets. Children participate earnestly and their efforts are appreciated by one and all.

Creative Writing (Hindi)

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Jaya Pandya, Ms. Ranu Dixit

The Hindi Creative Writing activity aims to develop analytical and creative thinking. It offers children opportunities to appreciate different types of literature, increase the knowledge about writers/literary figures and classics and showcase their own work. It also aims for the progress of Hindi language, to create interest in the student for the language, to encourage their creativity in oral and writing. Children develop interest in reading and writing and create masterpieces to read and enjoy.

Dramatics (English)

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Pooja Bisht, Ms. Poonam Kackar, Ms. Kavishi Upreti

The children in the English Dramatics activity are exposed to various forms of dramatics. They are trained throughout the year and are introduced to the various genres of acting. Later, they are trained to create scripts for the plays with dialogues for a variety of situations. These scripts are then used by the children to stage plays in the school assemblies and class forums. Public speaking and enacting different roles infuses them with confidence and vitality. Overall, it is an enriching session to explore the talent of these budding actors.

Dramatics (Hindi)

Teacher Coordinator(s): Mr. Piyush Pandey, Ms. Pushplata

Children are very enthusiastic about drama. They always try to find good stories from their textbooks and take interest in writing stories and dialogues as well. In the midst of creating a restaurant together, space walking around the moon as astronauts, twirling around with friends in a fairy-tale land, or taking part in creative drama activities in general, children learn to solve problems, coordinate, cooperate, take direction, take leadership and think flexibly in a fun and safe environment. Drama provides children with a meaningful purpose for writing and is a supportive activity aimed at the development of speaking skills.

English Debate

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Minu Srivastava, Ms. Disha Vaid

The English Debate activity emphatically aims at helping the students to appreciate the ‘pros and cons of an issue. The students are taught to speak vehemently on issues and come up with their perspective. It gives students creative room to express what they feel. The children are made familiar with day-to-day topics and the skill to effectively communicate their thoughts. The young minds thereby learn the ability to discuss a particular matter in a public meeting.

English Elocution & Declamation

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Parul Kalra, Ms. Kirti Gaur

At the English Elocution and Declamation activity, children are taught that their voice as the vocal carrier of their message is as important as any other component of the presentation. The passion for reciting poems is generally the common point amongst the children who choose this activity though they come from different grades. In the activity, they learn the first steps of elocution and declamation. The children bond together and feel a sense of enjoyment as part of the activity. It is a pleasure to watch the enthusiasm of the group.

Flower making

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Anita Singh, Ms. Shilpee Pandey, Ms. Pallavi Sharma

Flower making is an easy-to-make craft that's perfect for children. School age children particularly love this craft because it allows them to create decor that can be used and admired.  The Flower Making activity allows the students to display their artistic talent in an enjoyable environment. They are able to put out surprisingly innovative ideas and make some very beautiful flowers with a limited number of resources. The amount of effort and the presence of mind the students show during the activity is impressive, and results in an array of breathtaking pieces of craft.


Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Alka Singh

Flutes are the earliest known identifiable musical instruments. Students are taught about the basics of the instrument and trained to play it. They are even encouraged to maintain their instrument and use the correct postures and movements while playing it. As they progress in their playing prowess through the session, they become capable enough to perform at school events, gaining the appreciation of all listening.

Folk Dance

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Deepali Tripathi, Ms. Shubhi Senghal

Dance activity is the perfect time to show the children how important it is to get active to stay fit and healthy. One way that gets them interested is by practising some simple dance moves that the teachers and students can do together. The moves, styles and the beautiful expressions presented by our little ones garner appreciation by one and all. Students leave the audience spellbound with their stupendous performances in class forums and Inter-school dance competitions. They learn different forms of dances like Folk, Western and Contemporary. This activity not only helps the children to uplift their confidence but also develops their personality.

Gift Wrapping

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Shagufta Zaidi

Gift Wrapping activity caters to the creative abilities of the children. It is a bright, colourful and fun-filled activity. The wrapping of gifts in colourful paper and decorating them with ribbons and flowers is enjoyed immensely by the children. They also learn how to make bows, ribbons, envelopes and paper bags. Through the year, the children become adept at wrapping presents of different shapes and sizes.


Teacher Coordinator(s): Mr. Prince Robinson, Ms. Oshin Bose

The activity uses a fun-filled approach to teaching students guitar, providing a creative outlet to them. The practice sessions help improve their skills and techniques. As the young players get better over time, they gain confidence in their skills resulting in a boost in their self-esteem.

Hindi Elocution & Debate

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Swati Malviya, Ms. Abha Sharma

The activity provides students an opportunity to speak formally with proper knowledge and use of pronunciation, grammar, style and tone. Constantly working on the communication, diction, and general speaking skills of the children is the motive of the activity. It provides a platform to the budding orators of our school which even challenges children to present poems in a proper tone, rhythm, pronunciation, and voice modulation.

Home Keeping/Best out of waste

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Rachna Goel, Ms. Madhu Lakhani

Home Keeping activity teaches the management of duties and chores involved in the running of a household, such as cleaning, cooking, home maintenance, etc., along with creating a healthy place to live by getting the best out of the waste. This hands-on activity helps them turn into independent children who are sensitive and conscious citizens. These life skills are crucial for their overall development and as part of the activity, they are able to express themselves innovatively as well.

Indian Vocal Music

Teacher Coordinator(s): Mr. Alok Jaiswal

Indian Vocal Music is one of the many forms of music that have their roots in particular regional cultures. The enrolled students of the activity practice and train throughout the year for events and cultural performances. By the end of each year, the motive of the activity which is to imbibe love for music among the students, is achieved.


Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Richa Tiwari, Ms. Ranu Awasthi

Kathak is one of the eight major forms of Indian classical dance. The main focus of the dance becomes the eyes and the foot movements. The eyes work as a medium of communication of the story the dancer is trying to communicate. The Kathak dance activity provides a platform to young dancers to exhibit their talents. Throughout the year, they display great excitement and eagerness for dancing. This enthusiasm is also very much evident whenever they practise and perform. It is heartening to watch them learn the coordination of the eyes and foot movements. By the time the school session ends, these young, budding dancers have perfected the art of telling stories through their hand movements, footwork and facial expressions. They mesmerise everyone whenever they dance and are much applauded and appreciated by all.


Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Deepa Khanka

This activity improves the cognitive skills of children. They work through brain boosting exercises. While solving them, it makes them think, reason and remember. Simultaneously achieving all of these sharpens their memory, builds their focus and increases the concentration level of their minds to a great extent.

Metal Work

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Ranjita Batra, Ms. Subhashita Arora

Metal Work activity in our school is very popular among the students. It gives them a platform to express their skill. They use a thin metal sheet to make a variety of beautiful decorative items. Students craft various trees, animals and birds on the metal sheets. Similarly, the enhancement of the designs on terracotta pots and dolls is done with the help of kitchen foil. Besides these paintings, they also make bookmarks with wonderful geometrical designs. ‘Bandhanwars’ are also made using handmade paper and metal sheet, while curtain hangings are made using metal bangles and washers.

Non-fire Cooking

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Sandhya Triguni, Ms. Vineeta Rawat

Is it possible to cook without fire? “Yes, very much possible!” say the Junior school students of Non-fire Cooking activity. This activity creates awareness about the nutritional value of food cooked without the flame, the necessity and advantages of healthy eating and encourages students to stay away from junk food. It even teaches them how to fight hunger, without putting them in danger, in the kitchen.


Origami, the ancient art of paper folding, has applications in the modern-day classroom for teaching geometry, thinking skills, fractions, problem solving, and fun science. Students of all age groups give their best to display their talents in this activity. The display put up by them at the Annual Exhibition receives great admiration from all visitors.


Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Priyanka Sonee, Ms. Ronak Chawla

One of the most fascinating activities, the Quiz activity incites the curiosity of students and also develops in them the appetite to know more about their surroundings. Our students perform exceptionally well by bringing many laurels to the school in several competitions.

Sand Painting

Sand Painting is a sensory activity where the child can focus on the process rather than the outcome. It is the art of pouring coloured sands, and powdered pigments from minerals or crystals, or pigments from other natural or synthetic sources onto a surface to make a fixed, or unfixed sand painting. It even has some advantages for kids’ motor and social skills. Children do sand painting on different objects such as mirrors, tissue holders, cardboard, flower vases, paper and many other things. The teachers also enjoy helping them creatively to give their best in doing this activity.

Sanskrit Play

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Neha Srivastava, Ms. Ananya Giri

The Sanskrit Play activity trains students in delivering dialogues and acting skills. The students delve into the characters and specialise in performing in Sanskrit. They work upon their facial expressions, gestures and body language as well. These dramas cover a wide range of topics and stories, and are staged at special events in school, receiving the praises of all onlookers.

Sanskrit Sambhahashan and Elocution

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Vandana Dwivedi, Ms. Seema Mishra

Sanskrit Sambhashan and Elocution is a unique space where students share their immense love for the language, training themselves skilfully in clear expression. Their enthusiasm is reflected through their wish to learn as their pronunciation and articulation becomes distinct through practice.

Science Modelling

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Shalini Williams, Ms. Saghiya Najm

Science Modelling has been inspiring and moulding young minds towards the awe-inspiring world of science. Making models gives students sheer pleasure as they seek information about the statistics and details of various real-life objects implementing scientific techniques. In this process, the activity produces brilliant budding scientists.


Teacher Coordinator(s): Mr. Piyush Mishra, Ms. Tulika

Students of this activity use their innate sense of creativity to explore the instrument, and polish their skills. They develop a comprehensive understanding of the synthesizer and increase their knowledge with the help of their teachers. Rigorous practice for our young musicians enables them to play the instrument with finesse.


Teacher Coordinator(s): Dr. H.C. Paliwal

Since the 18th century, tabla has been the principal percussion instrument in Hindustani Classical Music. Students devote their time to learning how to play the tabla under the guidance of their teacher. They are familiarised with Hindustani Classical Music and then introduced to the basics of the instrument. They slowly make their way through by learning the strokes and taals, ultimately playing compositions with ease.


Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Anjali Gangal

Taekwondo (also known as Tae Kwon Do) is the art of self-defence that originated in Korea. It is recognized as one of the oldest forms of martial arts in the world. The Taekwondo activity sessions take place in large open spaces in the presence of a trainer. Taekwondo instils a sense of discipline and self-confidence that can carry over to all aspects of your life. The teacher ensures that students achieve a healthy and mobile body and extra focus and attentiveness during school and other pursuits.

Western Music

Teacher Coordinator(s): Mr. Anshuman Singh, Ms. Ishrat Saeed

Western Music is for students both at the beginner and intermediate levels wishing to pursue vocal art. They are prepared in the basics of singing and stage presentation, helping them work on their rhythm and vocal abilities, and preparing them to perform. The aspiring singers present beautiful melodies at various levels in competitions as well as school events.

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Tanuja Katiyar, Ms. Meera Manish, Mr. Ashwani Prajapati

Art is the diverse range of human creativity, precision and imagination in creating visuals, expressing the painter's imagination, conceptual ideas, or technical skill. It intends to be appreciated primarily for beauty, skills or emotional power. Students depict their ideas with the use of water colours, shading, canvas painting, acrylic colours and pencil colours. Students are also allowed to choose any subject from the formal History classes as taught in the classroom. They bring out the events and characters true to life in the form of shading, using pencil colours and water colours. The students of the Art activity work very hard throughout the year under the able guidance of their teachers, exhibiting soulful pieces of beauty.

Batik and Tie and Dye

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Shruti Narayan, Ms. Vanaja TK

Batik is a wonderfully creative medium which allows students to express themselves through the form of vibrant colours and fascinating patterns. It is a way of decorating fabric by covering a part of it with a coat of wax and then dyeing the cloth. Our students thoroughly enjoy this activity. They make beautiful wall frames, cushion covers and pillow covers with batik. Though the process is cumbersome, the final result always makes our students jump with joy.

Tie-dye is a term for a technique of colouring fabrics that involves folding, twisting, and crumbling fabric and then tying it with string or white thread very tightly. Then the item is dipped in a fabric dye for some time for the dye to take hold in the fabric. The areas that are twisted or banded tightly will have no dye or faint traces. The students make many articles like dupattas, table cloths, pillow covers, bags and bed sheets. Overall, it is a very enriching experience.

Clay Modelling

Teacher Coordinator(s): Mr. Nikhil Srivastava, Ms. Bunty Chopra, Ms. Dipti Singh

“Clay might be just dirt for some, but for artistic hands and creative minds; it is an art.”

Clay modelling is a fun activity that involves the sculpting and moulding of clay into a variety of shapes, promoting creativity and helping in the promotion of self-confidence and self-expression. It is not only a wonderful natural resource from the earth that provides sensory stimulation while helping to develop the motor skills but also therapeutic in making a child emotionally stable. Clay modelling activity has gained popularity and is chosen by a huge number of students who try their hands at moulding several earthenware items like diyas, lamps, vases, etc. First, the children separate stones from the clay and then knead it into wet clay. This is then placed on the wheel and slowly moulded into various shapes. Then the products are exposed to the bright sunlight and later kept in the furnace, made of dried hay and dung cake, where they are baked. Finally, the finished products are painted in radiant colours. Articles like wind chimes, animal figurines, kettle sets, cups, bottles and trays are admired by all the art and sculpture lovers.

Computer Science

Teacher Coordinator(s): Mr. Arun Kumar Singh, Ms. Preeti Kumar, Ms. Rachna Goel, Ms. Rashika Pandey

Jaipurians have always proved to be adept in computer technology skills and have become masters in this field. Students unleash their talents by developing games as well as animating alphabets with various effects using the SCRATCH software. They try out HTML and do their utmost to develop web pages, learning the art of linking them through anchor tag. Students also create attractive PowerPoint presentations on a variety of topics. Some gain success in making Parkour games with the help of Unreal Engine 4 whereas others endeavour to make Arduino projects with DIY instructions. Some budding computer artists also set out to master collage making by using PHOTOSHOP.


Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Shaivya

The craft activity encourages the children to develop artistic and creative skills. Students are taught to make the best out of any waste materials. In doing so, they endeavour to create attractive decorative pieces, simultaneously promoting the message of saving the environment. Children are asked to collect all the discarded material at home and each piece is eventually transformed into some decorative and useful piece in the craft class. Waste materials such as cardboard boxes, empty matchboxes, toothbrushes, plastic bottles, plastic spoons, broomsticks, buttons and stones are given shapes and colour, so as to add some utility to them. The wall hangings, doll pen holders, pots, scenery and numerous other works are presented at the Annual Exhibition of the school.


Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Anamika Mishra, Ms. Nidhi Srivastava

Dramatics activity is organised with the aim of taking our school's young actors to the next level. The pupils who opt for the activity gain valuable insights and comprehend the nuances of acting. An orientation session is conducted for the dauntless performers who volunteer for the activity. The session is interactive, accommodating a flow of ingenious ideas and opinions concerned with dramatics. Pointers which are to be followed are endowed, with spotlight on skills like facial expressions, voice modulation, clarity of diction and presentation. Each and every minute element, for instance stage setting and dialogue delivery, is kept in mind. The students assume the role of authentic critics with the objective of edifying their companions by suggesting strategies to enhance their performance. Altogether, the sessions are rich and interactive where students indulge themselves in assessing their development as confident performers.

English Creative Writing

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Archana Tiwari

Creative writing is a wonderful way to unleash the latent imaginations of a child. It builds up self-confidence and develops creativity within the budding writer. While having fun, children subconsciously learn to take pride in their work. Writing with others also fosters a respect for working in a group and respecting and cherishing the ideas of the peers. The budding writers contribute an unbelievably impressive collection of articles, carefully drafted and coordinated under the able guidance of the activity teachers. The students find a wonderful chance to inculcate and explore the beauty of reading, and the satisfactory feeling of being able to express their thoughts on paper. Children come up with poetry conveying the deep philosophies of life itself, decorating the exhibition room with cut-outs and quotations. The sheer number of positive remarks motivates the young authors and encourages them to continue their work in the field of creative writing.

Folk Dance

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Deepali Tripathi

Dance is the hidden language of the soul. It is the pathway to express the deepest inner thoughts, and is an interaction between the body and the soul. The activity nurtures the passion and enhances the dancing abilities of our students. The stunning moves, styles and the alluring expressions presented by our dancers always manage to steal the audience's heart. The children adore dancing on semi classical numbers and folk dances like Rajasthani and Punjabi folk. They have a gala time pursuing different forms of dances ranging from the traditional to the contemporary. A number of students come forward to assist their companions which creates a stimulating working environment during the dance sessions. The activity is highly successful in uplifting the confidence of our budding dance troupe.

Geography Model Making

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Preeti Sachdeva, Ms. Bhavya Jain

Geography model making activity is an opportunity to make something different that defines our planet Earth. In this activity, students make many models depicting constellations, sand dunes, volcanoes, mangrove forests, waterfalls, etc. This is done to showcase the great diversity and the beautiful natural offerings of our country, India and as a whole to showcase our planet Earth with its verdant valleys, its meandering rivers, and its magnificent mountains. The Geography model making activity provides endless opportunities for the children to imbibe new knowledge. They extensively research on the net, choose their topic and discover certain new ways to execute their ideas and turn them to tangible reality. The activity also teaches the children the importance of teamwork and coordination. Overall, it is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to make something new and different and we really enjoyed it.

Glass Painting

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Nikita Rastogi, Ms. Prateeksha Mishra

A glass painting is divided into 3 parts. The most distant part of the painting is made on the last layer and when all parts are kept together, the whole painting has a 3D appearance to it. As part of the activity, children make many paintings, not only on glass but also on several other surfaces like hardboard, ceramic plates and fiberglass. Many students choose fiberglass as it is more durable when compared to glass. Implementing the 3D glass layered painting method, children paint lions, hummingbirds, fish and enchanting sceneries. Children also use glass colours and pieces of mirrors and shards to create motifs. They make watches, candle stands, mirrors and trays using glass pieces and glass paints. Flowers and butterflies are also created by colouring OHP sheets and then are used to create visually appealing paintings. Their aesthetically stimulating creations are portrayed in the Annual Exhibition and always gather appreciation from the viewers.

Instrumental Music

Teacher Coordinator(s): Dr. H.C. Paliwal, Mr. Piyush Mishra

Music is the most soulful and impactful art which always fills our heart with joy. Sheer concentration and a composed mind are the prerequisite to achieving excellence in this art. Students acquire knowledge of key notes of string instruments like Violin, Keyboard, Guitar, Santoor and Mandolin along with percussion instruments such as Pakhawaj, Tabla, Dholak, Naal, Drums and Cazon. The students engage themselves in mastering the complicated sections of Instrumental music during the activity periods. The 250-piece school Orchestra is a bulwark of self-confidence, discipline, high morale and concentration. It performs on multiple occasions throughout the year, phenomenally executing various instrumental pieces which always leave an everlasting imprint on everyone's heart.


Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Richa Tewari, Ms. Rupali Joshi

Kathak is one of the ancient dance forms of India which casts a spell on the audience. It consists of three elements, Nritta, Natya and Nritya which when combined are used to portray fascinating stories. The various stories are conveyed through graceful hand movements, extensive footwork and most importantly through facial expressions. Initially, the young aspirants struggle to achieve elegant postures and movements. Gradually, through regular practices, the students are able to execute the movements effortlessly. The excitement and enthusiasm to learn Kathak is evident among the young dancers. Consequently, the inaccurate hand and footwork soon transforms into captivating and graceful moves. By the end of the school session, the students are no more unpolished and transfigure into elegant Kathak dancers. They mesmerise everyone whenever they dance and are much applauded and appreciated by all.

Mathematics Club

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Kavita Bareja, Mr. Vipin, Mr. Arvind, Mr. Pushkar

The main objective of starting the Maths Club activity was to motivate children to learn Mathematics with interest and involvement through hands-on learning experience by participating in activities, applying concepts of Mathematics. Creative activities which develop a sense of enthusiasm for numbers and the opportunity to apply Math skills to solve real life situations is what motivates children to join this activity. Students learn to work in groups with coordination to achieve a task given and to make models based on fundamental concepts of Mathematics. The essence of Math lies in making complicated things simpler. In order to allow this essence to permeate, the activity stresses on understanding concepts through stimulating activities. Students learn derivation of formulae through such activities. Calculation tricks based on Vedic Math are taught to children in order to save time in doing long calculations. During the Annual Exhibition, the exhibitors display models, puzzles, brain teasers, fun games, Sudoku, etc. which are based on various concepts in Mathematics. This activity makes problem solving fun.

Metal Work

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Nidhi Saxena, Ms. Nabita Srivastava

The metal work activity is organised under the able guidance of the proficient and skillful mentors of the school. Metal work is the art of working on metal sheets by carving beautiful illustrations with screws, chiefly devised to serve the purpose. The activity enables students to enter into the world of this particular art with no preconceptions and work on each metal sheet with an open mind. The activity thoroughly emanates a feeling of glee and buoyancy among the students. The students also imbibe the values of patience and precision. Throughout the session, the students zealously create a range of masterpieces, turning their concepts to reality. The intricate carving entrances the beholders during the school exhibition which is certainly the ultimate prize for which students pour all their meticulous and assiduous efforts.

Needle Work

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Shraddha Shukla, Ms. Sandhya Agarwal

The Needle Work activity has usually generated a lot of interest amongst the students. For most, it is for the first time that they get exposed to the beauty of needle work. Students are given a short demonstration where they get to know about its importance and the basic requirements. The newcomers start with the simplest stitches such as the running stitch, long and short, hemming, and so on, and then use small motifs, embroidering handkerchiefs using stem stitch, chain stitch, lazy daisy, bullion and satin stitch. They also create table mats and picture frames using cross stitch. Felt embroidery using multi-coloured felt on casement cloth and jute is also done. All the students quickly get involved in creating beautiful and vivid frames, runners, peck-tables, cushion covers and even lovely bags using felt and different stitches. It is heartening to see young students deftly working to do smocking on their frocks and pinafores. Crochet is also introduced to them. Upon mastering it, they create beautiful multi coloured laces to edge their handkerchiefs. They also use macramé cords to create lovely wall hangings. All the hard work put forth by the students is aesthetically displayed during the Annual Exhibition of the school. Every one finds the activity really useful as it is a life skill that is helpful at any stage of life.

Non-Fire Cooking

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Mini Prakash, Ms. Geetika Rastogi

Cooking is not just about ingredients and recipes. It's about harnessing imagination, empowerment, and creativity. The non-fire cooking activity entitles students to reveal the latent chef in them and foster their culinary skills. Youngsters who enroll themselves in this activity, inculcate in themselves the skill of making tempting treats whenever they are ‘Home Alone’. The young cooks are always thrilled by the experience of putting on their chef's caps and aprons which provide them confidence to work. They fetch the required ingredients from their homes and gain knowledge about their nutritional value. The activity guides students to create luscious dishes in the absence of fire, thereby keeping them away from the risk of danger. The smile on their faces while preparing and serving the dish to their teachers and friends is beyond comparison.

Physics Modelling

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Dipika Bhargava, Ms. Runa Sanyal, Mr. D.N. Singh, Mr. Pradeep

In this activity, students research and make working models that have applications in daily life with the support of their teachers. They attempt to understand their functioning and are able to then explain the principles of science behind them. The model-making aids in understanding and exploring relationships pertaining to concepts of physics better. Active student participation improves theoretical understanding and problem-solving skills.


Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Vandana Mishra, Ms. Shailaja Bajpai

Quizzing is always a learning experience and it not only expands one's knowledge of things but also promotes a fun way to study, enabling students to think from different angles or 'to think out of the box'. The Quiz activity is held to give students a break from conventional classroom learning. The activity teachers train the budding quizzers, share their experiences and update them about the types of questions and the various rounds that are trending. Regular quizzes are conducted in the activity periods which help the students to discover their areas of excellence and where they need to focus. Jaipurian quizzers have been bringing laurels to the school in various National, State and Inter-school events for many years now.

Readers' Forum

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Nyla Razzaqui

The Readers' Forum is a vibrant activity for book lovers aiming at excellence in the field of expression by inculcating the habit of reading in its members. The members of the forum are exposed to the benefits of systematic reading. Each one of them is allowed to choose a book of their liking. On finishing the book, the students have to share it with their fellow readers during the forum. Students are also given guidance in the art of review writing for the books they read. The exercise of review writing proves to be a good tool for maintenance of individual Reading Logs by the students. In the Annual Exhibition, the yearlong efforts of the Readers’ Forum Group are seen and appreciated by one and all.

Sanskrit Play

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Poonam Mishra, Mr. Anand Mohan Awasthi, Mr. Ratneswer Mani Tripathi, Ms. Prabhavati Chiliveri

The primary aim of this activity is to popularise Sanskrit amongst students and instil a love for the language in them through dramatisation. Enacting stories and dramas works as an effective tool. Narration, songs, shlokas and dance are intermingled, creating unique performances that hold the attention of the audience at the various school events.

Sanskrit Sambhashan

Teacher Coordinator(s): Dr. Sudhir Tewari, Mr. Vinod Kumar Tiwari

Children are trained in Sanskrit conversation along with creative writing, enhancing their proficiency. Their oratory skills are worked upon, giving focus to the pronunciation and as they practise throughout the year, they master the language. Their writings are displayed at the Annual Exhibition and astound everyone without fail.

Shadow Play and Mime

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Anshu Sinha, Ms. Priya Mishra

Shadow play and Mime are those inspiring art forms which do not require words to express the essence of thought-provoking stories. The students have a good time fostering their inner artists and mastering the way of expressing in the most beautiful way possible. The relentless efforts of the students throughout the year are staged on the event of Founder’s Day in the form of a mime performance along with implementing the technique of 'tutting'. The entrancing performance executed by the students is applauded by one and all.

Vocal Music

Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Pragya Pathak

Over the ages, music has been known to be the best way to express one's feelings. Music formulates new perceptions in children which helps them learn and think in innovative ways. Students of the activity enjoy singing classical, semi-classical and folk tunes. They are known to leave the audience and judges awestruck with their performances in several competitions. This activity not only helps children to uplift their confidence by performing on stage but also helps them conquer their stage fright, all along aiding their personality development.

Wall Art, Picture & Video Interpretation

Teacher Coordinator(s) for English: Ms. Jaya Joshi, Ms. Deepali Mohan, Ms. Suchismita Banerjee Rai

Teacher Coordinator(s) for Hindi: Dr. Kiran Singh, Ms. Usha Rai, Mr. H.S. Singh

Students engage in contemplating pictures and videos that have some relevance and are related to current affairs, moral values, economy, etc. The idea is for them to have a space to express their opinions. They hold discussions amongst themselves trying to interpret these pictures and videos, exhibiting their assorted work on school softboards and the Annual Exhibition.

Western Music

Teacher Coordinator(s): Mr. Anshuman Singh, Mr. Prince Robinson, Ms. Nasima Rizwan

The western music activity nurtures the musical talents which each child has inherent in him or her, whether it be for singing or for playing an instrument. The children are taught the importance of melody and rhythm. Learning how to sing with instruments, breaking down each song line by line to learn the detailed melody, creating and mixing harmonies without getting confused about the rhythm and most importantly learning to sing in sync with the tempo of the song are practised. They are taught songs about peace and those infused with love for Mother Earth and love for humanity. They also participate in a number of school events, learning the technicalities of stage singing, both group and solo.


Teacher Coordinator(s): Ms. Shweta Gupta, Mr. Biswanath, Mr. Dhananjay

Yoga is a form of art that aims to balance and strengthen the bond of one's physical, mental and spiritual being. Yoga is inextricably connected with one's consciousness. It helps in attaining inner peace by helping people to introspect. The yoga activity display is appreciated and applauded by the guests and viewers at all events throughout the year. ‘Yoga Day’ is celebrated in school in which the young yoga enthusiasts are trained to perform asanas in rhythm along with melodious music being played in the background. Students also participate in competitions and bring home laurels.