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School Clubs

MUN Club

Teacher Coordinator: Dr. Preeti Singh

President(s): Arnav Jaitley, Flora Dixit

Model United Nations is a simulation of the real-world United Nations where students participate as delegates, while role playing leaders or representatives from various countries and who discuss matters of international concern in specific committees such as United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Security Council (UNSC), Human Rights Council (UNHRC), et cetera.

MUNs go far beyond just debating; they teach you how to research, analyze, convince (lobby) and find solutions to national and international problems. The way our school organises JMUN- Jaipuria Model United Nations, annually, there are MUNs held all over the world where you get to make new friends and gain amazing experiences! To train students and help them practice before they go for MUNs in future, we have the MUN Club.

It stands for providing students an opportunity to think as a world citizen, learn the skills of lobbying and persuading rather than mere debating and defeating. It builds in them a solution finding approach and gives a boost to their geopolitical knowledge and opinion presenting skills. We are proud to have successfully established a platform for upcoming leaders who are bold, innovative and practical in their approach.

Commerce Club

Teacher Coordinator: Ms. Shalini Nigam

President(s): Sarthak Agarwal

The Commerce Club deals in a plethora of proficiency. It is not confined to the concepts of Commercial and Economic aspects but also stretches its roots to emerging technologies which alter financial opportunities.

The Commerce Club deals in diversified facets such as:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Stock Exchange
  • Quizzing
  • Debate/ Group Discussion
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Advertisement
  • Banner Making
  • Guest Lectures

This is a journey of going one’s way down the stock market candlestick and crawling up to profits, solving brain racking quizzes, articulating your thoughts without a stutter, enunciating concepts on a banner.

Planet Club

Teacher Coordinator: Ms. Shruti Narayan

President(s): Shreyansh Krishna

Questions like ‘Is the Arctic circle healing?’ or ‘Will the future generations be served food produced on uncontaminated soil?’ or ‘Is the Ice Age approaching?’ are just a few questions compared to the tons of doubts we have. In order to know rational answers to these questions, the Planet Club has been established.

The activities of the club aim to develop observational, analytical and problem-solving skills and the most important life skills, patience and humility. The Earth itself teaches these two virtues.

Activities like soil analysis will help understand agriculture, and give the members a basic idea of architecture and lifestyle which one must have in the current state of depleting soil. Rocks which contain all the minerals are scattered everywhere on the planet and on having sufficient knowledge of their formation, we may generate methods to manage them sustainably. Remote sensing, doable ways to manage waste, disaster management at individual level, will be taken up in the future.

Film Analysis Club

Teacher Coordinator: Mr. Prosenjeet Dasgupta, Mr. Shubham Dwivedi

President(s): Manya Singh

The Film Analysis Club is a community where we discuss all the positive and negative aspects of modern, forgotten and lost cinema. Here we discuss the importance of art, the cultural value of cinema, cinematic breakdown of movies, character analysis, and discuss many other aspects of cinema.

The club does not just stick to one’s interests, but lights the fire of the music maker inside, opening the realms of knowledge and introducing one to new dimensions of cinema.

Talking about movies, directors, cinematographers, actors, sound designers, etc., the club seeks to groom its members to enable them to make their own movies in the future, by briefing them about the various techniques and angles used in cinema, the importance of music, the critical part cinematography plays in a movie and many more aspects of the hidden world of cinema.

Technology and Development Club

Teacher Coordinator: Mr. Arun Kumar Singh, Mr. Rahul Kumar, Mr. Shubham Dwivedi

Presidents: Jayesh Khare

As a civilization makes progress, one of the most important aspects of it is its technological based advancements. From hobbies and arts till majors and career planning, this society aims to help students reach their milestones concerning tech. The Technology and Development Club gives students the opportunity to explore the world of computers and all the fun it packs.

Creative Design and Editing Wing

Wing Heads: Ashmit Prakash, Sanskar Garg

There is more to editing a picture or video than simply putting different clips together and applying flattering filters. It is about taking a raw image or footage and creating a final product that helps you share your vision with the rest of the world. Giving a face to ideas, brands, initiatives by designing social media posts, pamphlets, posters, and brochures, as well as videos help share one’s message with the world. The Creative Design and Editing wing of the Tech and Development Club introduces various software like Adobe Photoshop, Wondershare Filmora X, and Adobe Premiere to accomplish various tasks. Organizing competitions to give students a chance to implement their skills provides them a platform to showcase their talents and creativity. The wing holds workshops in training students to edit pictures in Adobe Photoshop, using tools ranging from basic to intermediate-level. The objective is to introduce the club members to video editing and teach them the necessary skills to make their own videos.

Photography, Videography and Editing Wing
Wing head: Dhruv Singh, Kasturi Das

Don McCullin correctly said, “Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.” The Photography, Videography and Editing Wing aims to teach students about camera, how to click a particular picture, how to shoot videos, how to edit photos and videos.
Science Club

Teacher coordinator: Ms. Varsha Trivedi, Mr. Vimal Kumar Srivastava, Mr. Pradeep Verma

President(s): Ansh Chaudhary

The Science Club intends to develop a scientific mindset in the members, where the members learn some basic skills of being a science student, such as questioning, finding answers to their questions i.e., researching and sharing that knowledge with everyone. The club hopes to guide the students regarding the career they may choose after the 12th grade in the field of science, other than medical and engineering. It also aspires to create a bond between the members and nature through its various activities, discussions, and tasks.

Along with that, the club also tries to inform the students about the latest advancements in the various fields of science as well as the rich scientific history of our country.

Lastly, the club also approaches towards creating a scientific view in the members about looking at everything, thus finding the beautiful essence of science in every element around. And this is the reason that the club has taken up the following motto:

‘सर्वस्य लोचनं शास्त्रं’

which means,

Science is the vision of all

Physics Wing

Wing head: Shresth Agraj

In the Physics Wing, we discuss the most mesmerizing concepts that Physics holds in-store and not only discuss but also experiment, understand and passionately learn them. There are discussions on topics ranging from Classical and Rotational Mechanics to Optics, Magnetism, and enthralling events like how Newton came up with the laws of motion, how Albert Einstein discovered Time dilation, and much more! Apart from the activities stated above, the wing focuses on: • Gaming through quizzes • Unique physics simulations • Discussion on cosmos • History and discovery of several equations • Interesting Experiments

Literary Club

Teacher coordinators: Ms. Mehar Anwar Khan and Ms. Poonam Arora

President(s): Aanya Singh, Janki U Tandon

The Literary Club is a community brimming with zealots that dive into the world of words through myriad mediums like poetry, stories, oration, group discussion, reading, picture interpretation, word games and much more. Apart from receiving a training ground to enhance their expression, receiving guidance from seniors, constructive criticism from peers, sharing the love for literature, the club also serves as a portal of opportunities. Members can participate as well as host events, interact with like-minded juniors and learn to share their voice at the right time, in their unique ways.

Jaipurian Debating Wing

Wing Heads: Akshat Raj

Debating is one of the most fascinating forms of public speaking that requires a plethora of skills such as critical thinking, confidence, and speech delivery. To provide a conducive environment for aspiring debaters to develop these skills and break free from the shackles of conventional debating which involves flowery language and memorization while being subjected to regular debating practice in a competitive atmosphere, ‘The Jaipurian Debating Society’ was formed.

The society is instrumental in the creation of a debating culture, outlining the abilities to establish comprehensive constructives, formulate linkages, and the art of refutation. Debates and discussions on serious motions are initiatives that seek to enable the participants to explore the world of Parliamentary Debating and enhance their confidence, argument building skills and speech delivery.

The long-term goal of this society is to conduct Seth M.R. Jaipuria’s very own National Level Parliamentary Debate Competition and become an elite flagbearer in this field.

Psychology Club

Teacher coordinator: Ms. Kanchana Srivastava

President(s): Ananya Bajpai

Psychology is a subject that interests many, since it seeks to understand the human mind, beliefs, perceptions and behaviours. From analysis of dreams to behavioural psychology, from social thoughts to illusions in perception, it covers a wide spectrum of topics. Apart from making one highly observant of the hows and whys of human thought and action, it has become more useful in the contemporary world, where due to a hectic lifestyle, we are too entangled in our own interests to try to comprehend others.

Involvement in the Psychology Club awakens within enthusiasts a greater sense of responsibility and understanding. It seeks to foster an indulgence that is practical as well as well-guided within interested students and a community that spreads awareness regarding the field of Psychology.

The club delves in various aspects of Psychology - Social Cognition and Behavior, Mental Health Awareness, Developmental Psychology, Intelligence and Emotional Quotient through quizzing, group discussions and other such activities.

Social Awareness Club

Teacher coordinator: Ms. Gurpreet Kaur and Ms. Shweta Jaitley

President(s): Aditi Singh

Social awareness is the ability to take the perspective of and empathize with others from diverse backgrounds and cultures; to understand social and ethical norms for behavior; and to recognize family, school, and community resources and supports.

The aim of this club is to build a society where upcoming youth respects the deeper understanding of social awareness. This club has been formed to spread ‘E E A’ i.e., Entertainment, Education and Awareness, and to spread smiles.

The work of the club is not just limited to excursion trips but also having sessions with guest speakers on many of the issues we face.

Maths Club

Teacher coordinator: Mr. Devesh Sharma

President(s): Aditya Kasaudhan, Yashi Srivastava

Mathematics is an art which requires regular and rigorous practice, critical-thinking skills, logical approach to questions and much more. The Mathematics Club is meant to act as a spaceship for students who want to explore the deeper realms of this ever-expanding universe.

The Mathematics Club includes a plethora of activities for our young mathematicians including study of Irregular Mathematics, Vedic Mathematics and studying the questions of the International Mathematics Olympiad and the logical reasoning section of various examinations.

The Mathematics Club hopes to encourage the students to practice and excel in the art of Mathematics and involve themselves as the club evolves.

Dance Club

Teacher coordinator: Ms. Deepali Tripathi

President(s): Khushi Mishra, Yash Joshi

Dance awakens a sense of consciousness among the dancers and is the finest medium to convey the oppressed feelings within them. It is an interaction between the body and the soul. Dancing can improve your mood while you learn, move, and perform. The sole work of the feet might be walking but its passion is dancing. This is where the Dance Club plays a crucial role for our happy little feet.

The club focuses on expressing emotions and feelings through various dance forms. It includes Mudragraphy, Sit down choreography, Fusion dance and many more interesting things. The club enables students to display an understanding of expressions and rhythm. It helps them in developing a multifaceted physicality by way of providing training in various dance techniques.

Music Club

Teacher coordinator: Mr. Anshuman Singh

President(s): Saksham Upadhyay

धिमिद्धिमिद्धिमिध्वनन्मृदंगतुंगमंगल ध्वनिक्रमप्रवर्तित: प्रचण्डताण्डवः शिवः॥

- शिव तांडव स्तोत्र

“It is on the thunderous and blaring beats of the ‘Mridanga’ and the convoluted and tortuous tones of the ‘Tunga’ that the Natraj himself performs the energetically scrupulous and violent ‘Shiv Tandava’ which is the very source of the cycle of creation, preservation and dissolution.” We believe no one is unaware and unmoved by the sorcery of the various intricate tunes and rhythms we hear and call music. But there is more to music than just listening it with your earphones plucked in, or speakers blasting or simply singing it to someone dear.

This club aims to introduce the students of Seth M.R. Jaipuria School to a close and interesting interaction with Music and its wonderment being not only as an active or intrigued listener but a performer and an artist who fabricates the very art of Music.

Vocal Music Wing

Wing Head: Khyati Yadav

‘One song can make you remember so much.’

Music is an art that in one guise or another permeates every human society. Vocal Music is a genre of music that uses human tone as a central part of a piece. A songwriter crafts chord progressions, rhythmic hits, instrumental melodies and lyrics, but the most memorable work might be the song's melody.

The Vocal Music Wing seeks to bring the theoretical knowledge obtained in vocal music courses into practice. Vocal Music Wing is a precious part of the Music Club, where the vocal music talent grows and where the leadership and inclusiveness gets practiced and encouraged through the practicing sessions, club meetings and performances.

Legal Studies Club

Teacher coordinator: Mr. Shubhang Chaturvedi

President(s): Yashi Dixit

Legal Studies is a field of law which is interdisciplinary in nature and deals with the mutual influence of law and society. It provides an understanding of legal systems and the plethora of divisions of law such as human rights, crimes, property and commercial law.

The Legal Studies Club's focus, inter alia, is to provide to its members, knowledge about the working of Law in a manner which is both comprehensive and interesting.

It stands to provide an environment which fuels passion for grasping understanding of legal principles, empowering its members to make cross disciplinary connections which have immense social, economic and administrative relevance in contemporary society. The activities of the Legal Studies Club have been devised in a manner to enable the students to understand the how and why of legal principles and enable their application towards the problems in the society. Further, the club, through its activities seeks to initiate an environment of discussion and dialogue concerning the most pressing contemporary problems and finding solutions for them.

Chess Club

Teacher coordinator: Mr. Alok Dixit

President(s): Harshit Bareja

“Struggle against the error”

The game of chess holds a unique fascination. The strategic complexities offer lively minds an immediate challenge and stimulating exercise. Chess has many educational benefits, giving children intellectual capital and transferable skills such as focus, discipline, concentration, spatial awareness and strategic thinking. Evidence clearly demonstrates that chess-playing school pupils significantly outperform their non-playing contemporaries in literacy, numeracy and problem-solving skills.

Students with no prior experience of chess are taught the basic laws of the game. Older, more experienced players are encouraged to help out the new, younger members. An important benefit of the school Chess Club lies in its potential for education by stealth. The recreational nature of the game can be harnessed to provide enjoyable learning. The organisation of the club has been designed to encourage a serious, yet enjoyable, approach to playing chess.