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Sessions on Nutrigenomics and emotional well-being by Mr. Karan Kakkar

Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, Gomti Nagar, is dedicated to nurturing the integral development and conscious evolution of each student. This journey encompasses the growth of physical being, vital being, mental being, and spiritual being.
We were elated to host Mr Karan Kakkar, a renowned Nutrigenomics and Disease Reversal expert, who delivered two enchanting sessions and answered our students’ questions, providing them with invaluable insights.
On day one, he gave a session on “The Scientific Discovery of the 21st Century: Nutri-Genomics.” In this session, Mr. Kakkar spoke about common lifestyle diseases, discussing their causes and what can be done to prevent them. He emphasized the need to address the root causes, which involve consuming the right foods and engaging in regular exercise. Mr. Kakkar delved into the differences between animal, processed, and plant-based food, further classifying them based on their antioxidant and fiber content. He concluded that only plant-based foods, such as fruits, vegetables, lentils, etc., contain antioxidants and fibers, in comparison to animal food and processed food.
Additionally, he spoke about phytonutrients and healthy eating habits, introducing the concept of intermittent fasting and the benefits of the 16/8 intermittent fasting regimen. He concluded the day’s session by briefly explaining the four pillars of good health: food and nutrition, physical movement, quality sleep, and emotional health.
On day two the focus shifted from nutrition to the equally crucial aspect of mental well-being. Mr. Karan led an insightful session on The Power of Thoughts and Emotions: Enhancing Mental Well-being for a Healthier Life.
Mr. Karan began by emphasizing the staggering number of thoughts we have daily—between 60,000 to 70,000. Each thought generates an emotion, which impacts every cell in our body. These emotions can either enhance our health when positive or invite disease when negative.
He highlighted the two categories of emotional states: higher (happiness, joy, gratitude, and love) and lower (overthinking, worrying, fear, guilt, and regret). Living in higher emotional states promotes health and well-being, while lower states lead to stress and disease.
Mr.Kakkar encouraged everyone to start with 10 minutes of Om meditation daily. He explained how repeatedly bringing the mind back to focus during meditation builds new neural connections, making positive thinking more automatic. He emphasized the principle of “what fires together, wires together,” underscoring the power of consistent practice.