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May 31, 2024
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June 18, 2024

Siddhi 2024 | Felicitating our ISC and ICSE Achievers

Celebrating our students’ academic excellence, Jaipuria Schools organized Siddhi 2024 on 29th May. During the event, outstanding ISC and ICSE students from over 50 schools were honored by the Guest of Honour, Dr. Sarvendra Bahadur Singh, Former Director of Basic Education and SCERT and Mr. Kanak Gupta, Director, Seth M.R. Jaipuria Schools.
The event also featured interview sessions with the ISC and ICSE achievers. The students shared their strategies for academic success, including how they planned their studies and what helped them achieve top grades.
“It feels very satiating and satisfying that whatever we worked for has come to fruition. I am grateful to my school, my family, my teachers, and the very reason I am here today.” Said our ISC school topper, Priyamvada Singh.
When asked what challenges they faced while preparing for boards, our ICSE topper Akshita Agarwal added “The greatest challenge I faced was coordinating my extracurricular activities along with my studies during the 10th grade. I figured out a routine to manage both because I was not ready to give up either. I also made sure to give myself time to refresh and recuperate after studying constantly.”
During his speech, Dr. Sarvendra Bahadur Singh congratulated the students and offered valuable advice. He emphasized, “Learn how to cope with stress; the best way to get over stress is to talk about whatever you are going through. Have a warm conversation with your parents, and you will surely feel better and light.” Further, he added, “Never be scared to fail. Whenever you put yourself into something good, be ready to fail.”