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Spiritual Retreat – Edition 7 | Day 3
May 27, 2024
Spiritual Retreat – Edition 7 | Day 5
May 30, 2024

Spiritual Retreat – Edition 7 | Day 4

On the fourth day, Students gathered in the front field, where they connected with the sun while chanting “Om.” The idea was for them to align with the soul friend that exists deep within themselves. After that, Palak, one of our facilitators, led them on a walk in the field towards the wall with the quote, “Man is a transitional being by Sri Aurobindo,” symbolizing the evolution of humanity. Palak encouraged the students to reject whatever they wanted to reject at the symbol. On the way back, they walked slowly, focusing on their aspirations in their minds. Later, the students participated in a yoga session.
Following the yoga session, Aarti Kashyap and Ruchi led the students in Geeta chanting. They also explained meanings behind it, which was followed by a very deep and rich discussion on the Geeta, where Prof. Vinod Solanki and Mrs. Anjali Jaipuria also participated and shared their wisdom.
The highlight of the day was a session on “The Need for Spirituality” by our student, Nandini Bansal, where she spoke about how spirituality can bring change in one’s life. After that, the students had an insightful discussion. She further added “Spirituality is not separate from us, our very existence is spirituality. Living spiritually means to know oneself. Spirituality is not confined to any specific path, it is like a light—the light of Self-Knowledge.”
Students participated in a unique team-building activity called the Dream Boat, facilitated by Shaily Shah. Groups of students stood on small bed sheets and worked together to flip the sheets without stepping off. The main objective was not just completing the task, but for students to explore their feelings, teamwork dynamics, and self-discovery. After that, students shared their experiences in an open discussion.
Later, Palak guided all the students into a meditative session with Savitri and The Mother’s music. They connected with the lines of Savitri, allowing the mantric power of the verses and music to evoke movement within their bodies and foster deeper connections. This session was followed by a writing session, where students reflected on their experiences during the four-day spiritual retreat through poetry. Later, each student shared their poem with the crowd.