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Spiritual Retreat – Edition 7 | Day 2
May 24, 2024
Spiritual Retreat – Edition 7 | Day 4
May 27, 2024

Spiritual Retreat – Edition 7 | Day 3

Day three of the spiritual retreat began with Hatha Yoga, where students practiced various forms of Yoga Asanas. Later, they played some fun outdoor games that energized them. After breakfast, they gathered in the auditorium to chant the Gayatri Mantra together. The mantras echoed in the auditorium, filling the atmosphere with divine bliss. Throughout the day, students engaged in various activities to find their inner Google, led by their facilitators Shaily, Palak, and Rahul.

Our student speaker, Krinali Nayak, gave an enchanting talk on the topic “Knowing in Completeness,” she discussed how knowing encompasses both scientific inquiry and inner wisdom, blending facts and self-realization for an integral approach to learning. She emphasized that Vidya, or spiritual knowledge, liberates us from ignorance, while Avidya, or material knowledge, provides a practical understanding of the external world.

She also used the example of the Fibonacci sequence found in various elements of nature to establish a harmony between scientific principles and the natural world. After the session, students asked questions and had a fruitful discussion.

Our next speaker of the day, Sri Shivakumar, from the Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Education and Research (SAFIERI) and Aurobindo Society, gave a talk on the topic “Greatest Discovery Made by Mankind.” In his session, Shiva da talked about the contrast between outer discovery, pursued by material scientists with tools, and inner discovery, which involves understanding the quantum world without external aids.

He explained that Indian Spiritual Scientists reveal the body consists of five elements and life energy (Pran Shakti), distinguishing between life energy and physical energy for growth and development. Later, the session opened up for a Q&A session, where the students asked questions to Shiva da.