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Spiritual Retreat – Edition 7 | Day 1
May 23, 2024
Spiritual Retreat – Edition 7 | Day 3
May 27, 2024

Spiritual Retreat – Edition 7 | Day 2

The day started with an energizing yoga session. After that, it was time for the most anticipated session by Smt. Anjali Jaipuria Ma’am, Vice Chairperson of Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, titled “Two Existential Questions of Life”: “Who am I?” and “What is the real purpose of life?”
Through various examples ranging from verses of Mahabharata to examples from our daily lives, Anjali Ma’am delved into the factors that shape our existence. How will you connect with the divine? She added, “Remember, offer and invite, everything you do, if you are drinking water, take time, offer it to the divine.” She further added “Agni ko chingari banne ko yaad Dilana hoga”
She said each human is a work in progress, emphasizing that progress must continue in the right manner, for which she gave 3 C’s: “Continuously, Consciously, and Constantly”. Later, the session opened up for a Q&A, in which students asked questions to Anjali Ma’am, such as “What are the right ways to manifest?” and “What is our relationship with God?” among others.
The theme of the day was Discovery, under the guidance of facilitators Rahul Sharma, Palak Dubey, and Shaily Shah. They discovered the power of strength through various activities. Later, they indulged in an art activity to discover perfection, wherein they drew an artwork inspired by The Mother.
Afterward, in the session titled “Discovering the Aim of Life”, Sri Sraddhalu Ranade, a distinguished Scientist, Educationist, and Scholar, delved into the ultimate quest: discovering the aim of life. Through a blend of wisdom and inquiry, this session illuminated paths toward personal transformation and spiritual awakening.
He further added “Fulfilment is essential, and understanding what gives you fulfilment involves observing activities that foster growth versus those that lead to stagnation. Growth-oriented activities are inherently interesting”
The day concluded with an insightful talk by our student Saransh Mishra of class 12th on the topic “Crises of the Climate or the human mind”, where he spoke about Climate change and how we can find the solution to this issue in spirituality.