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Grandparents Day at Seth M.R. Jaipuria School
March 2, 2024
Senior School’s Last Assembly of the Session (2023-24)
March 23, 2024

LKG- Grandparents Day at Seth M.R. Jaipuria School

“A grandparent is a child’s first best friend, and for the grandparent, their grandchildren are their last best friends,” said one of the grandparents at the Grandparents’ Day celebration.
On 9th of March 2024, the school assembly area buzzed with the heartwarming sight of LKG students’ grandparents gathering with their little grandchildren, most of them clad in matching outfits, creating a delightful atmosphere for a day filled with fun and togetherness.
The event kicked off with a talent round, showcasing the delightful bond between grandchild and grandparent. They performed captivating songs such as one duo singing “Ashiyaan”, meanwhile another sang a rendition of bhajan “Saraswati Vandanan.”
A treasure trove of memories opened up as grandparents shared enchanting stories from their childhood.
Following, the children and grandparents engaged in a lively game of passing the parcel, after which they participated in the seed-sorting game. A special tattoo booth was set up where the little ones got matching tattoos with their grandparents.