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February 28, 2024
LKG- Parents’ Collaboration Activity
March 1, 2024

UKG- Parents’ Collaboration Activity

Parents of Jaipuria School’s young learners recently came together for an engaging and fun-filled morning during our collaborative UKG activity, held on 24th February 2024. This event provided parents with a unique opportunity to connect with their little ones, fostering a sense of unity and enjoyment.
The teachers welcomed the parents with “Vande Mataram”. The day commenced with a moment of reflection, as everyone observed a minute of silence, setting a serene tone for the activities that followed.
A highlight of the morning was the “Hold the Bell” activity, where parents passed a bell to one another without ringing it. Adding an element of surprise and interaction, the “Passing the Parcel” game kept everyone engaged as chits circulated, ensuring that parents actively participated in the unfolding excitement.
The “Sorting Game” brought together parents and children, using materials like black gram, kidney beans, and white peas.
Moving outdoors, a series of lively games awaited the parents and the kids. The “Sanskrit Game” added a cultural touch to physical activity, while the classic “Musical Chairs” brought out the competitive spirit. The unique “Tie, Paste, and Selfie Race” had everyone in giggles as they captured memories along the way.
As the morning drew to a close, the joyous atmosphere continued during a feedback session. The counseling session facilitated by Ms. Nischala Harbola, along with insights from Principal Mrs. Promini Chopra and Headmistress Mrs. Kanika Chopra, offered parents an opportunity to reflect on the experience.