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UKG- Parents’ Collaboration Activity
March 1, 2024
Grandparents Day at Seth M.R. Jaipuria School
March 2, 2024

LKG- Parents’ Collaboration Activity

Parents of LKG students came together at the school premises to enjoy a fun day out during our LKG Parents’ Collaboration activity, held on February 17, 2024.
Parents have a wonderful chance to rediscover their inner child and create cherished memories with their little ones, spending meaningful and quality time together.
The day began with breathing exercises. Later Kids and parents participated in games such as Passing the parcel, Phonic sound Game, and Sorting Game. Afterward, they moved out to the front field, Balloon Race and Balancing the ball concluding with a fun Child standing on the feet of the parent race.
Towards the end, a feedback session took place, where all the parents sat down. They were addressed by our school counsellor Ms. Nischala Harbola, along with the Principal Mrs. Promini Chopra and Headmistress and Academic Co-ordinator, Mrs. Kanika Chopra.
I had a wonderful time at the school; doing fun activities with kids, and interacting with other parents and the teacher, I learned a lot. Witnessing my child thrive and have fun reassured me that he is in the right place. I hope we get to attend more dayouts like this,” shared the parent.