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Morning Assembly award ceremony
November 4, 2023
31st Founders’ Day: Science, Literature & Art Expo – Day 1
December 6, 2023

Orientation by Design Gateway

Design Gateway organized a boot camp on Design Thinking and Analytical thinking. The session was attended by students and their parents and provided valuable insights. The session included an overview of training in virtual problem-solving techniques, demonstrating how students can solve scientific problems with the assistance of software. Additionally, the session showcased how automotive design can be accomplished using Python programming and SolidWorks.
The course is divided into two modules: Design Thinking and Analytical Thinking. Students can take up one or both. In the Design course, students will be taught how to use Adobe Illustrator for creating logos and designs, as well as Canva. The Analytical Thinking course will focus on 3D modeling, where students will learn to work with software applications like SolidWorks, Catia, and Python. They will gain skills in creating sketches, and models, further virtually simulating them.
It’s worth noting that schools abroad have already incorporated these concepts into their curricula. Seth M.R. Jaipuria is set to become the first school in Lucknow to introduce these innovative courses.
Design Gateway has an impressive track record of providing skill development training to organizations such as Tata Motors and Jal Nigam. Mr. Taran Singhal, an alumnus of Seth M.R. Jaipuria and a representative of Design Gateway, emphasized the significance of having offered these training opportunities to students during their school years, effectively giving them an upper hand once they enter the competitive world.
Ms. Archana Mohan Ma’am highlighted the importance of design and aesthetics knowledge, while Engineer Karanvir Singh demonstrated how physics concepts can be used to design models in SolidWorks.
Following the session, Mr. Taran Singhal engaged with students and parents to address their questions and doubts. These modules are expected to significantly enhance students’ academic knowledge and contribute to their future professional endeavors.