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Jaipuria Fest – Day 2
August 25, 2023
National Sports Day Celebrations
August 29, 2023

Jaipuria Fest – Day 3

Jahnkaar Beats
The first chapter of Jhankaar Beats, a student-led music and dance competition , unfolded on 26th August,the third day of Jaipuria Festival.. Jhankaar Beats was orchestrated by student directors Rakshita Chhabra, Pawni Kesarwani, and Divyanshi Jain from 12th grade with the guidance of Mrs Deepali Tripathi and Dr Paliwal.
247 participants from 19 schools lent rhythm to Jhankaar Beats which encompassed three sub-events: Abhivyakti (Dance), Swaragini (Music), and Vadya-Vrinda (Orchestra). The budding singers and dancers captivated both judges and the audience alike with their well rehearsed graceful dances, rhythmic orchestra and melodious songs.
The closing ceremony celebrated outstanding performances in orchestra, vocal music and dance from various schools and groups, irrespective of the rankings they had achieved. Chief guest, Mrs Manjula Pant an outstanding Kathak dancer graced the occasion with her presence.
and appreciated the importance given to Indian dance and music by the organizing school. In the category  SWARAGANI, the first prize was awarded to Seth M.R. Jaipuria School while the first runners up were Modern Academy.  Kunskapskolan  and CMS Gomti Nagar Campus-1 were second runners up.. In ABHIVYAKTI, the first position was awarded to Seth M.R. Jaipuria School  while G.D Goenka public school was first runner up and Stella Maris  was the second runner up. In the category Vadya-Vrinda, Seth M.R. Jaipuria School stood at the first position followed by Navsrijan at the second position. In the overall results of JHANKAAR BEATS, Seth M.R. Jaipuria secured the first position followed by Navsrijan  at the second position and GD Goenka at the third. Seth M.R. Jaipuria School being the host passed on their trophy to the second rank holders, Navsrijan. The octavial Rhythm and Beats along with accolades, appreciation, and inspiration made the event memorable.
The success of Jhankaar Beats is a collective achievement, a result of the hard work, dedication, and passion of all those involved – from the performers who poured their hearts into their acts, to the organizers who meticulously planned the event. As we look back, we’re filled with amazement at the power of performing Arts to transcend boundaries to bring people closer.
One of the biggest events of the Inter-School Jaipuria Fest 2023, TechVista lived up to its legacy of being the most sought after techno- event in the city.
Techvista brought to fore the inner gamer, coder, debater, quizzer, editor and techie in the participants.
TECHVISTA, A student led event facilitated by the HOD, Mr Rajeev Singh saw the student directors Addhyan Garg, Rajveer Singh, Arisha Khan and Dev infuse into the event their passion to create an unparalleled experience for participating schools. They fought with sleep and worked tirelessly in the day to bring their vision to life while making midnight calls to midnight meetings for the brochure, to make every reel every teaser to perfection.
Techvista events ranged from gamecon where kingdoms were made, weave a web, a place for young masterminds adept at developing a pure code based wizardry. From battle of wits to clash of titans  and directors cut for boundless editing to all that a techie can dream of indulging in.The event was graced by the Chief Guest, Mr Tarang Singhal, a school alumni and an engineer whose acumen in technology, design and data anlysis is unparalleled.He commended the children for their remarkable performance in all events.
The event ended with the closing ceremony where Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, Gomti Nagar was declared the Techvista winner. The first runner up for TechVista was Modern Academy and Modern School was the second runner up.
Day 3
The three day Jaipuria Festival culminated with the announcement of results of Techvista and Jhankar Beats. The 8th edition of Techvista and the first chapter of Jhankar Beats marked the final day of Jaipuria Festival on 26th August 2023.
The event came to a close with  500 students from 26 prominent schools of the city asking for more fun, more ingenuity and more opportunities to prove their mettle in Science, Art, Languages, Maths, Dance and Computers in the Jaipuria Festival in 2023-24.
Navsrijan was the first runner up and Modern Academy the second runner up in the festival. The Festival ended with the winners M.R.Jaipuria school, Gomti Nagar displaying the indigenously designed handcrafted coveted Jaipuria Festival trophy with an aspiration to add more to the Jaipuria Festival in 2023-24.